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Microsoft Outlook - Articles

  • Announcing our newest product: Add-in Express Regions for Microsoft Outlook and VSTO
    Eric Legault announces the availability of a new tool for Outlook developers and demonstrates how you can use all the power of our advanced Outlook form and view regions directly within your VSTO projects.
  • Add-in Express Regions - basic concepts
    This page explains the basic concepts and main features of Add-in Express Regions, an extension for Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 and 2008 that lets you create view and form regions for Outlook Explorer and Inspector windows. It allows customizing several Outlook panes including Navigation pane, Reading pane, Folder view pane, Outlook super grid pane, To-Do Bar and Inspector windows such as e-mail, task and appointment windows.
  • Outlook form regions
    Form regions are essentially sub-panes that can be docked in the window for any Outlook item, also known as an Inspector window, for both read and compose modes. This page describes what Outlook item types are supported with Add-in Express Regions and what kinds of regions you can create.
  • Outlook view regions
    Outlook view regions consist of sub-panes that can be docked to the main Outlook window (the Explorer window). Add-in Express view regions can be displayed in 17 different areas within an Outlook Explorer window. On this page you will find several screenshots accompanied with brief explanations to give you a good idea regarding how customizable the Outlook window can be when using Add-in Express Regions.
  • Add-in Express regions: Getting started
    The Developer's Guide explains some terms and definitions as well as provides you a step-by-step sample project illustrated with screenshots and code examples, which will help you create your first advanced Outlook region literally in no time.
  • How to create advanced view and form regions with Add-in Express Regions for Microsoft Outlook and VSTO
    Pieter van der Westhuizen introduces you to the Add-in Express Regions by creating a new Outlook add-in project, which is available for download. Pieter shows what Explorer and Inspector region options are available for different Outlook versions and give a few code samples.

Microsoft Outlook - Videos

  • Add-in Express Regions for Outlook and VSTO
    This is a 15-minute video introduction to Add-in Express Regions by Ty Anderson. Ty does an excellent job of explaining the product and showing how quickly you can become productive utilizing it in your VSTO-based Outlook solutions.
  • How to create an advanced Outlook region and interact with Outlook object model
    Ty Anderson provides a solid sample that implements an advanced region in a VSTO project and accesses the Outlook object model in a meaningful way. This video shows how to use Add-in Express Regions to create tasks from an email and then save them to a specified tasks folder.