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  • Developing Internet Explorer extensions, end-to-end demo
    End-to-end demo by Ty Anderson showing how to build Internet Explorer extensions using Add-in Express. In the course of the video Ty explains how to add both a custom toolbar and an Explorer bar and how to create a setup package to deploy your solution.
  • Create an Internet Explorer add-on (VB.NET)
    This video sample covers the general techniques of developing Internet Explorer add-ons with Add-in Express. In 7 minutes you will learn how to create an add-on working in different IE versions, how to build an IE toolbar, Explorer bar and customize context menus.
  • How to create Advanced IE bars
    The advanced bars offer several advantages over regular IE Bars. This video demonstrates a couple of Layout options and Drag and drop capability. As with any video, there is more included but you have to watch it to find out what.
  • Internet Explorer bar UI synchronization
    If you extend Internet Explorer with an Advanced IE Bar, you might want your bar to reside in the same location across all open tabs. Then again, you might not and would rather allow the users to adjust the location of the bar in each tab. This video shows you exactly how to do this.
  • Owner Draw with Advanced Explorer Bars
    Responding to owner draw events allows you to respond to an advanced bar's display changes and alter the rendering of the advanced bar. A good example is changing the advanced bar's header text, color and icon depending on the bar's layout position - that's exactly the demo in this video.
  • Add any .net controls to Internet Explorer toolbars (VB.NET)
    The video demonstrates how to populate an Internet Explorer toolbar with any native, custom or third-party .NET controls.
  • Customize main and context menus in Internet Explorer (VB.NET)
    Watch this video to see how to customize the menu bar and context menus of Internet Explorer.
  • Create a custom Explorer bar for Internet Explorer (VB.NET)
    The 4-minute video explains how to create a custom IE bar that works in different versions of Internet Explorer.