Add-in Express custom development services - payment models

Payment schemes

We practice 2 payment models, and you may choose the one that fits you better. Whichever model you prefer, you pay only after you approve the work done.

1. Hour rates

Our rates differ depending on the complexity of your product from $75 to $100 per hour. Give us a brief description of your project and we will send you time and cost estimates.

2. Set the total budget of the project and pay when the work is done

This model better suits those who know how much they can afford to spend on the project. Here how it works: you send us specifications and we estimate the total cost of the project (having more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we believe we can do it properly even at the very initial stage). From this time on, we take full responsibility over your project. You will be provided with detailed reports for all work done including demos and source code, so that you can be fully aware about each stage of development. The project budget, once set, will never be exceeded, regardless of how much time we spend on your project. You pay only after you approve the work done in the previous stage of the development cycle.

Tell us about your project and get a quote

Give us a basic idea of your project and requirements. We will get to your shortly, agree on the timeframe and cost, and you will have your idea fulfilled.

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