Custom solutions for Microsoft Office add-ins

Custom Microsoft Office add-ins

We have been creating custom solutions as well as tools for Microsoft Office developers and end-users since 1999. It is well known that each Office version has lots of specificities that the developer has to deal with. What is more, some Office Service Packs may contain bugs or they may change the customary behavior of Office applications. All this stuff might cause some unpleasant moments both for developers and end-users.

We have worked with all Office versions, and know very well about all these pitfalls. Our solutions are version-independent and work smoothly on thousands of PCs around the world, on all MS Office versions from 2000 to 2016.

Custom Office GUI

Before Microsoft Office 2010 emerged, developers had had very few possibilities for creating or customizing the user interface of Office applications: command bars, a few control types, and that’s all! Of course, the release of Office 2007 made a difference, but our customers and we wanted more. That was the reason why we developed our own Advanced Task Panes and Toolbar Controls for Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These technologies, as well as our Advanced Regions for Microsoft Outlook are our know-how, they allow doing incredible things with the Microsoft Office user interface that might seem unreal.

And now using our unique technologies, knowledge and experience, we can develop for you a sophisticated stylish Office GUI that nobody else can do.

Deployment made easy

Add-in Express supports both standard MSI-based setup projects and the ClickOnce feature. So you choose either of these deployment techniques, and we deliver you a setup project which you will easily deploy on personal or corporate environment.

Your solution will work in all Office versions

We deliver custom solutions that do not depend on the Microsoft Office versions. Your add-in will always work on any PC which has any Office version installed, from 2000 to 2016.

What can we develop for you?

Anything. Really. Starting with a project template which contains the main code of your add-in and finishing with a ready-to-use solution. Here are just a few examples:

  • Command bars and command bar buttons
  • Ribbon controls
  • Custom menus for Office 2000 - 2007
  • Advanced Outlook regions
  • Advanced task panes for Outlook, Excel and Word

We have experts both in .NET and Win32. The source code of your solution may be written in:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C#
  • C++.NET
  • Delphi

Write to us and tell about your requirements. We will sign an NDA, agree on the timeframe and cost, and you will have the working solution in a short while.

Tell us about your project and get a quote

Give us a basic idea of your project and requirements. We will get to your shortly, agree on the timeframe and cost, and you will have your idea fulfilled.

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