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Office Newswire: Microsoft, burn the boats already!

Microsoft find themselves in an entirely new and foreign landscape. The successes of their past will not help them here. The demands are new. The language is different. People here do not work as they do in the old country of their past. Microsoft must find it within themselves to match wits with their enemies and succeed... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Microsoft Office 2013 will not be free

It's eerie, the quiet. Office 2013 went RTM something like three years ago. It feels that way to me at least. Not much new is going on (publicly at least) except for the blog posts from the various Office teams. It's all quiet here on the Western front... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: A new year. A new Microsoft?

A new year, a new Microsoft roadmap. Here is some palace intrigue. The editorial is based on an old/stale PowerPoint slide but that doesn’t prevent it from being interesting. If it can be trusted, looks like the Office 16 is planned for 2015... ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Are Apps for Office & SharePoint worthy of your time?

Today I have a question to get us started talking to each other. Are the Apps for Office and SharePoint worthy of your time, talent and resources? What do you think? Are you building apps for the app store? Do you think Apps for Office is a viable platform? Bring it! ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Should Office become the operating system?

Because Microsoft has thrust upon us new version of Windows and Office, there is a lot of prognosticating by those who make a living prognosticating. When it comes to predicting the future, I believe the best advice is to do what the best weather people (man or woman) do... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Did Microsoft Sin(ofsky)? + Office for iOS Rumors are true! ++ Yammer: What’s its impact?

I appreciate lots of things about life. I’ll skip the normal stuff of family and friends… they’re a given. I’ll also skip fine wine, scotch, and a good steak. They are great and are best enjoyed with friends. But they are not germane to this post. Something that is germane and has to do with enjoying life is... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Why is Office 365 more important than Windows 8?

Why Office 365 is far more important than Windows 8? Monthly subscription fees are a beautiful thing. Windows is the OS and we need that. But what we want is apps, apps, and more apps! Apple proved it. ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: The controversial case of Windows 8 RT

You don't have to like Windows 8 RT. Whether you do or you don't, the fact is it is innovative, it's aggressive, it's easy to use, it's attractive and most important, it's "clicky"... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Is On-Premises software a thing of the past?

“Your eyes our bigger than your stomach”. – Any Parent My parents told me this all the time. I would load my plate full of food at dinner only to achieve a full tummy before I could eat it all (I still, miraculously, had room for dessert). This tendency still afflicts me only not so […]... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 2013 Developer’s Guide: questions and answers

When Microsoft discusses the Office Platform, they mean Office + SharePoint. But for developers, Office means Office and SharePoint means SharePoint. Sure, they hang out together and visit a few bars when they attend the same tech conference… but they are not the same!... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Google vs. Amazon – confusing cloud offerings – 7.4.2012

SharePoint 2013 name confirmed and SharePoint store details :: We've heard this news before from the same source. But the great inspector Furuknap is back again with more news. He has new information regarding the SharePoint app store as well... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Will Yammer become part of Office 365 SharePoint Online? – 6.27.2012

Microsoft swallows Yammer for $1.2 billion. Better business social networking is on its way. Eventually, it will "surface" in Office 365’s SharePoint Online. Yammer has over 200,000 corporate accounts (with 5 million users) ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Office 365 and Microsoft Surface Tablets – 6.22.2012

Can Office 365 and Surface Tablets become Microsoft's Killer Combo? Yep, I think so. As I stated on Wednesday. All of a sudden Windows 8 makes sense to me. I think Office 365 will be a big player too. The Surface tablet doesn't exactly have a large hard drive. The Office web apps all-of-a-sudden are more compelling.... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Google’s QuickOffice could pressure Office 365 – 6.15.2012

The Wall Street Journal explains how Google Docs lacks enterprise-grade support. Sounds like a good time for Google to beef-up their partner model. The analysis of Google’s purchase continues to trickle in. When will MSFT reveal their plans for mobile?... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: a glimpse of Office 2013 on Windows RT tablet – 6.13.2012

A good number of my news sources seem to think Microsoft will provide us with betas of Office and SharePoint as early as this month. Many thought the beta release would coincide with Tech Ed. So far, that is not the case but the week is not over... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps For Government – 6.8.2012

If I understand what I read, Exchange 15 features are running in Office 365, "if it makes sense". Sounds like an interesting concept... Office 365 as a testing / proving ground for the on-premise release. I think this strategy makes anyone using Office 365 a guinea pig... Read the rest of this entry →

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