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Working with Outlook calendar (appointment and meeting items)

Yeah sure, email is front and center with Outlook. But right behind it and ready to steal the show is the Outlook calendar. If you aren't looking at email, I bet you are looking at your calendar to see if you can meet at such-and-such time on such-and-such date... Read the rest of this entry →

Working with Outlook mail items: how to create, delete, access & enumerate

Mail items are the featured player of Outlook… email! Sure, contacts and appointments are regulars but email receives the most attention. We are addicted to the stuff. And as an Outlook plug-in developer, you need to know the basics.... Read the rest of this entry →

Advanced Outlook form regions for Outlook 2013 – 2000

As great as Outlook is, it was not designed to meet 100% of any one user's needs. Therefore, users constantly think of ideas for how we developers can "trick it out". And what do they want? They want custom Outlook forms!... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: Develop Office 2013 add-ins with Visual Studio 2012 Express

In this video, I show how to create an add-in for Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook, Excel and Word and add a custom ribbon using Add-in Express for Office and .net with Visual Studio Express 2012. Enjoy!... Read the rest of this entry →

The Outlook UI: Explorer and Inspector Windows. What is customizable?

It can take some time to familiarize yourself and understand the various different components of the Outlook UI. Outlook is made up of windows, panes and forms. The two types of Outlook windows are Explorer and Inspector windows... Read the rest of this entry →

Outlook views: How to create a custom view for calendar, task, mail items

Outlook views allow you to group, sort and view all the different types of Outlook data within the View panel of the Outlook Explorer window. Outlook comes with a few built-in views for each Outlook item type (mail, task, calendar, etc.) which can be accessed via the View tab... Read the rest of this entry →

Outlook 2013 add-in development for beginners: Outlook Application & base objects

Working with a new framework takes time as you familiarize yourself with its architecture and best practices. You have to spend time discovering objects, learning what they do, and when it is best to utilize them. For Outlook add-in development (and Microsoft Office development in general), this task can take months due to the number of objects involved... Read the rest of this entry →

Excel 2013 add-ins in Visual Studio 2012: Getting started for VSTO developers

In this article we'll have a look at how you, as a VSTO developer, can get started developing add-ins for Excel using Add-in Express and Visual Studio 2012.... Read the rest of this entry →

Enterprise development of Office solutions with Add-in Express

Microsoft Office based solutions take various forms and sizes. What began with the ability to write (and record) scripts to automate Office documents on a user's desktop has evolved to the ability to create full-fledged extensions. These extensions often work across multiple apps in the Office suite and expand beyond a single user's desktop.... Read the rest of this entry →

Range Selection in Excel add-ins – other good manners for developers

In my yesterday's article I started to muse on Excel's Range Selection and what can be considered good practices for Excel add-in developers. Well, there are some other good manners for the Range Selection. And if you have a closer look at the user interface of Microsoft Excel itself and some popular Excel add-ins, you will find out pretty convenient behavior of the Range Selection functionality like follows below... Read the rest of this entry →

Range Selection in Excel add-ins – good manners for developers

Having been fully absorbed in developing our frameworks for a while, I lost any connection with the other part of our business - Doh, I shouldn't have allowed this to happen. I clearly realized that on last Saturday evening when, to the wailing of snow storm Xavier raging across this country, I installed the latest version of the Excel Ultimate Suite on my laptop... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 2013 add-ins & Visual Studio 2012: Getting started for VSTO developers

So you've been using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) for some time now and luckily you've discovered a better and easier way to develop Office add-ins, namely Add-in Express. Ready to start a new happier life of creating awesome Office Outlook extensions you excitedly fire up Visual Studio and hit File, New Project... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 are here!

Now that Office 2013 is generally available (aka GA), it's go-time! Time to assess and decide what to do and when. I know you will upgrade to Office 2013 and to SharePoint 2013. It's not if… it's when... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 2013 is for sale; Office App Store already dead; COM Add-ins alive and well

As you know, Office 2013 is now available for purchase. Like all editions before it, Office 2013 is, "the best Office yet". If it weren't, I sure hope MSFT wouldn't release it. I don't think, "This version is quite as good as the last version" works as a tagline... Read the rest of this entry →

Excel 2013 single document interface (SDI): How to rebuild your task panes to support it

If you're an avid user of Excel, you would've noticed that Excel 2013 has moved from being a Multi document interface (MDI) application to being a Single document interface (SDI) application... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Are Office 2013 licensing terms draconian?

Microsoft tells customers to start renting Office via Office 365 or purchase a severely limited perpetual license. The press hates this decision, calls it draconian, and tells us everyone will switch to Google Docs... Read the rest of this entry →

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