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Radical redesign of Access 2013 and what it means for Office developers

Access changed my life. Ever since I picked up a copy of the Access 97 Developer’s Reference, I have been enamored by Microsoft Office Access and how it can be utilized to build solutions. The first application I ever wrote was in Access 97…for a shipping company. It scanned shipping manifests. They loved it. I loved it... Read the rest of this entry →

Moving your existing Access database to Office 365

A few years ago I had a client who since they started their business used a Microsoft Access database to track their projects and the time their consultants worked on projects. As the company expanded the database grew up to a point where they realized an upgrade is needed. I was asked to move the database to a Microsoft SQL server backend, whilst keeping MS Access as the front-end... Read the rest of this entry →

How to create add-ins for Office Access 2010: C#, VB.NET

I'm sure like me, a lot of IT professionals had customers who made a substantial investment in developing a custom application in MS Access. As is the nature of such things, the customer outgrows their MS Access application and is soon in need of a larger, more complex system... Read the rest of this entry →

Bypass Outlook security warnings when sending email messages in MS Access

Whenever you send e-mail messages in Microsoft Access, you get Outlook security warnings like œA program is trying to automatically send email. To get rid of such security prompts, use the Outlook Security Manager. With the ActiveX edition of this component you need just a few lines of code to switch the Outlook security off and on.... Read the rest of this entry →

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