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Outlook Online & Google Mail for developers – What’s the difference?

We've previously explored the different options for developing gadgets for Gmail as well as what options are available to developers to create apps that run on both the desktop and web editions of Microsoft Office. The two platforms are very different and offer varying degrees of customizations... Read the rest of this entry →

Excel Online & Google Sheets for developers – what’s the difference?

In the last few weeks we've covered a lot of aspects of both Google Sheets and Excel Online and we've seen that both platforms offer developers various options to customize and integrate with. In this article we'll evaluate what we've learned so far about Google Sheets and Excel Online and compare the two platforms and what it means for developers ... Read the rest of this entry →

Developing Gmail contextual gadgets

In my last article, we explored what is on offer with Google Gmail sidebar gadgets. In today's article we'll take a closer look at what is involved in creating a contextual gadget for Gmail... Read the rest of this entry →

How to create Gmail sidebar gadgets

In this article, we'll build our own Google Gmail gadget that will display the latest Add-in Express blog posts in a sidebar gadget. A Google sidebar gadget is essentially a page, which can contain HTML, CSS or JavaScript, that runs inside an iframe inside the Gmail UI... Read the rest of this entry →

Google add-ons vs Microsoft Office Apps: Read/Write tests

We've been spending a lot of time with the Office/Productivity offerings from Google (Google Drive/Docs/Sheets) and Microsoft (Office 365, SharePoint, Word, Excel) and both of these two platforms have some drawbacks, but also some redeeming factors... Read the rest of this entry →

How to develop Google spreadsheet add-ons

In my previous article, we looked at extending Google Docs by creating a Google App Script. In today's article we'll explore the method of adding additional functionality inside a Google Spreadsheet. We'll create script that changes the orientation of a selection to either vertical or horizontal based on the option the user selected... Read the rest of this entry →

Google Apps, WiX Designer Beta 2, Add-in Express for IE and other news

During the last few month, I have patiently kept silence, though torn with the desire to share quite interesting news with you. But one thing stopped me – we were tied with the NDA signed between Add-in Express and Google... Read the rest of this entry →

Building Google Docs add-on with Apps Scripts

Google Apps provides a whole new set of opportunities for developers by enabling them to build web apps and automate tasks inside Google Apps using the Google Apps Script. I've spend some time delving into the Google Apps Script library and found I, as a Microsoft Office developer, was remarkably comfortable with the object model the Google Apps Script provides... Read the rest of this entry →

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