Maurice Calvert

Maurice Calvert

1972 was a an important year for computing, that saw the creation of ATARI, Pong, the C language, Intel’s 8008, the first HP scientific calculator, ARPANET and Nord-5, the first 32-bit supermini computer. It was also the year in which I wrote my first program and became a geek, both of which are unimportant.

Languages have always interested me and over the years I’ve dabbled in most: Assembler, Fortran, PL/1, APL, COBOL, Ada, Prolog, Rexx, Javascript, Pascal and every dialect of Basic. I’ve never written a line of C or Java, and never will; these days VB.NET and SQL suffice for all my needs.

In the real world I get by with English, French and broken Russian. Home is Geneva, Switzerland, where I live with my wife and two grown-up boys. 

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