Alexander Solomenko

Alexander Solomenko
Senior WinAPI developer

Hi! My name is Alexander Solomenko. Now I am one of Add-in Express developers. Like most of our programmers, I received higher education in one of Gomel Universities (we have 5 in the city!).

By education I am an electronic engineer. After finishing my studies I worked as a senior developer in a bank for five years, after that I was engaged in retail enterprise automation. I have been at Add-in Express since 2006.

My technical skills

  • Platforms: .NET, Win32
  • Programming languages: Assembler, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, VB6, VBA, ASP.NET
  • DBMS: MS SQL Server from 7 to 2005
  • Application servers: MS IIS, MS SharePoint
  • Other: programming for Microsoft Office, Extended MAPI, system programming
  • DBMS: SQL Server (all of them)

Out of work occupations and hobbies:
My favorite occupation is outdoor activities. I go in for sports, like good music and fiction.

Here is a list of my recent posts:

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