Customize Navigation & Reading pane,
Outlook bar with custom Delphi forms

Add-in Express™
for Microsoft® Office and Delphi® VCL

Advanced Outlook view and forms regions

For Outlook developers, Add-in Express for Office and Delphi VCL offers a new, unique technology of Advanced Outlook Regions. Using this technology you can customize Outlook views and forms by embedding custom Delphi forms and using any built-in or third-party controls. As a result, you get full-featured custom-tailored plug-ins that work on all Outlook versions, across 2000 through the newest Outlook 2021 x86 and x64.

Customize Outlook Today with your Delphi forms

Advanced Regions provided by Add-in Express enable you to replace the content of any Outlook views with your custom Delphi form. For example, you can provide end-users with a feature-rich summary page based on your custom VCL page instead of the built-in Outlook Today. More about modifying Outlook views in Outlook Today style.

Replacing a folder view with a custom Delphi form

Add any custom forms to any Outlook views

With Advanced Outlook Regions you can use Delphi forms as part of any Outlook views, custom or built-in. You can embed one or several forms over the Outlook view pane.

Embedding custom VCL forms around an Outlook view

Enhance the Outlook Reading pane with custom forms

Another in-demand feature of Advanced Outlook Regions is using your Delphi forms on the Reading pane.

Embedding your Delphi forms around the Outlook Reading pane

Use any forms to extend the Navigation pane, Outlook bar and To-Do bar

One more advantage of Advanced Outlook Regions is the ability to place your custom VCL forms onto the To-Do bar, Navigation pane and Outlook bar.

A custom region embedded underneath the Outlook Navigation pane

A custom To-Do Bar region

Customize Outlook forms with any VCL controls

You can customize any Outlook forms (mail, task, contact, appointment forms, etc.) by embedding your custom VCL forms around the content of any Inspector windows. More about customizing Outlook Inspector mail forms, tasks, contacts and appointments.

Embedding your own Delphi forms around an Outlook mail window

You use any forms and controls for any Outlook views and forms

Note, you can use Advanced Regions for all Outlook views and forms. So, you can extend any built-in views and forms as well as views and forms delivered with any Outlook-based clients, such as Business Contact Manager, the Microsoft CRM Outlook client and Getting Things Done Outlook add-ins.